Camping in Mn National Forests

We recently took a day drive to go up and explore areas in the Superior National Forest that we could boondock (primitive camp). We have done every kind of camping, but dispersed camping is our favorite. There are plenty of campgrounds, which charge a fee, so if you prefer more amenities, that may be for you. Us, we can get by without the picnic table, vault toilet, ect., as we camp in our rv. Why do we prefer dispersed camping? Mainly it’s the solitude. We like being away from the activities, noise that comes with campground life. Can’t hear the Sasquatch through the woods if the woods are filled with people! BTW…it’s always wise to check with the forest ranger in the area to learn about any bans (fire), restrictions, alerts (such as a lot of bears roaming around). If you do disperse camp, be like the Boy/Girl Scouts…always be prepared!

Next stop, Chippewa National Forest!

One of the good sites we found (imagine without the snow! lol!)

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