Bigfoot Report

We have asked you all to contact and share any Bigfoot activity/sightings you have encountered. Yesterday, we took a trip up to northern MN to talk with a couple of people who were willing to do just that…we are appreciative and thank them for trusting us enough to share their stories. Of course, confidentiality is an always in our book, unless they say otherwise, so names and location will not be shared.

We met Mr. X. at a local café. He is an elderly gentleman, a bear guide for hunters who come to the area looking for game. He spoke of hearing numerous knocks in the area, as well as whistles. Other locals have heard them also. This is a tight knit community…they share their experiences with each other, but not so much with outsiders. He is the one all others come to to share what they’ve seen or heard. Very interesting man. He talked of the things he’s heard, footprints he has seen, and was even kind enough to circle on our map the areas where he has had experiences. Then he pulled out a photo. A photo from a trail cam he had set up. This photo was amazing! The camera was set up by a bear bait pile. Only thing is, this was no bear that was captured on the camera. In the photo, you could clearly see a hairy figure, domed head, big shoulders, long arm with biceps clearly visible, and a hand reaching out to the bait pile. Not a paw, a hand. No claws, but fingernails. Amazing! We asked if we could have a copy, but he said no, which we absolutely understand. He then said that his daughter had an audio recording that she had recorded on her phone. He called her up, we set up a time to meet with her to hear the recording and listen to the experiences she has had. We heard the recording, which we think is a Sasquatch, and listened to her recount stories of what she’s experienced as well as others who live in the area. Fascinating!

To us, these people are living with Sasquatches. We can’t go into much detail, as they do not want themselves, or the area, to go public and have every Tom, Dick, and Harry coming to their home. We’ve tried to share as much as we could without compromising their wishes.

We appreciate Mr. X and his daughter for sharing with us. We are planning on a campout there this summer and hopefully experience a little of it for ourselves. If you have had an experience in Northern Minnesota and would like to share it with us, please send us an email. We’d be more than happy to talk to you. Just remember, you are not alone.

Take care!

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