Checking out Squatch’n sites

We took a trip up to Chippewa National Forest, here in northern Mn, to check out various camping sites where squatch’n would be good. I have to say, we didn’t find anything that really impressed us as far as primitive camping is concerned. There were many campgrounds, lakes, that were just beautiful but they were also very populated, both by campers and also by mosquitos. The mosquitos were just horrendous! Ugh! I hate the nasty buggers and of course, I’m the one they’re attracted to. Nasty! Anyway, checked out areas that reports of bigfoot have come out of. Handed out our Squatch Searchers cards to campers, just in case they heard or saw anything unusual so they could give us a call. Beautiful area but we think we may leave it for next year to explore. We do have at least two areas already planned for this summer…one here in Minnesota during July and the other Wisconsin during August, that we know have activity. These two will be our lengthy camping stays. Can’t wait!

That’s it for now! Take care! Keep search’n! Later!

Few pics from our little trip to Chippewa….

Me at Chippewa National Forest! LOL!

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