New opinion on post “Anyone know this sound?” Could it be Bigfoot,coyote/canine or?

We recently had another opinion on the recording we posted called “Anyone know this sound?”. This man had contacted us concerning a vocalization, plus knocks, that he, himself, had heard in the Cloquet State Forest, Mn. (Note: I will post this report at a later date). After speaking to him, finding out what he did professionally, we sent him the audio recording that we had posted previously, for him to analyze. Please go back in the archives and listen to it if you haven’t already….his observations and comments are very different from comments that were stated by others. First of all, we are NOT trying to discredit any comments or analysis that others have given pertaining to the audio, or any analysis of any similar calls. We appreciate all the help and comments that you gave. The following is HIS analysis from listening to the recording “Anyone Know This Sound?”

This individual is a professional coyote hunter. We will withhold his name per his request. We asked if he would be willing to listen to the audio recording and he agreed. He broke down the audio and stated there were 12 different calls that were recorded. We will not get into the lengthy description now of the breakdown, but will list this very basic version of what his overall opinion was:

1st: The 12 calls were mishmash, jibberish, with no rhyme or reason to them, unlike coyote. NOT coyote.

2nd: There was no, persay, coyote language in the call. NOT coyote.

3rd: It was similar to a lone female coyote in heat, which happens end of January to February, but only similar! NOT coyote.

4th: He stated, point blank, that the call was NOT a coyote, but an imitation. It was NOT mechanical or a human with a caller but something else. (He gave reasons why, which I will explain below.)

We then sent him a cleaned up/filtered version that someone had posted to us, to which he stated convinced him even more that it wasn’t a coyote, a cat, or fox.

He contacted several others who are in the same profession as him, had them listen to the audio recording, and they were ALL in agreement that it was NOT a coyote but a natural imitation of one.

As to his breakdown, analysis, and the reasons behind what he states, it is very lengthy and hard to post here. It is better to discuss the reasons over the phone, so if you are interested, please contact us. Send us an email how you can be reached or just request our numbers and we will send them to you. Note: This individual is more than willing to listen to any similar recordings you may have, however, he prefers to remain anonymous to the general public. Any communication you may want to have, will have to be channeled through us.

This was a very differing opinion from others we received. Note the key word…”opinion”. No one can say for sure what it is in the recording, but in our “opinion”, this individual knows the calls of a coyote. We believe him when he says it’s not. We look forward to hearing from you!

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