Sasquatch curious about trinkets I left for them?

If you have read my previous posts, we do food gifting and I, on my own, find a good stump somewhere in the woods and leave various trinkets/treats that I hope our Bigfoot friends would be curious about and hopefully take. I changed my gifting stump very little during our time in southern Wisconsin…maybe I should have changed it more, but I didn’t. I set it up on the first day at our favorite campsite, and checked it every morning after. Most of the time, things were taken, or moved around…but then the brilliant idea of the trail cam came about. You all know what happened then. LOL! Anyway, here’s some pics and descriptions of my gifting stump….

How I left it…how I found it. Bag of cookies is missing. Bag not found. Owl moved a tad, letters and marbles moved, crystals are out of alignment.

How I left it, how I found it. Sadly, nothing changed. Darn it.

Same thing….how I left it, how I found it. Nothing changed again. Bummer. But wait! See those hair like things in the bowl? I see them in the first pic, so they were there, probably mine…but they seemed to have moved in the after pic! Am I seeing things? Lol! Also the “E” and red “L” seemed to have moved slightly.

How I left it and how I found it. This time cookies not in a bag. They are gone, but crumbs on stump so it could have been a critter. The “H” is moved, as well as stack of letters dumped over and marbles spread out. Probably a critter.

I also put out gifts around the rv, mainly the letters and numbers. Nothing with them changed.

So, in conclusion with my gifting, something or someone liked the cookies. Something or someone messed up the positioning of trinkets. Someone or something does not like the trail cam or was just after the cookies. I kept looking farther and farther out for that plastic baggy but never did find it. Darn it…I hate leaving trash out in the forest!

Not real exciting but at least something occurred…can’t complain. Next up, glyphs we found and gift I received! Till then,

Keep on search’n!

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