We gift, You gift (2)

So I continue on with the food gifting saga. We decided the following day, while setting up a new food tray, that we would put up the trail cam to try and photograph what might be taking the food. Everything was set, food tray in the gifting tree, cam set near rv directed at the area. Exciting! What would they take next! Answer is: NOTHING! Absolutely nothing! Not even disturbed one little bit! Dang! Tried again the following day, day after that, NOTHING! We decided to take the tray to a new area, found a great stump to put it on, and this time we DIDN’T put up the trail cam. Guess what? That’s right! Food was eaten. Here’s the pics ( rained early that morning so tray has water in it).

So you can see, both apples are still there, one peanut butter open faced sandwich and a partial cookie. Hot dogs, 2 cookies, egg, jelly sandwiches, one peanut sandwich, and chocolate bar are gone. This time the tray is rather messy but no food was found on the ground in the surrounding area. We looked! Tray was not damaged. It is indented but that was probably from Jim holding it and setting in on the stump. What is really interesting about this is what happened to the chocolate bar!

The chocolate bar, the chocolate bar…we found the wrapper on the ground next to the stump. Jim picked it up and lo and behold, there were three squares of chocolate left in it. Now here’s the really interesting part! Wrapper was neatly opened down the back (we had started a tiny opening at the top but not much at all), it wasn’t torn apart, there were no teeth marks or tears on the wrapper, and the chocolate squares were snapped apart, in our opinion, like a person would do! We found this extremely interesting! Here’s the pics!

Could a critter have opened it? Of course there’s that possibility! We found it fascinating though! Very neat critter!

So, after this gifting, we decided to try an experiment. It finally dawned on us that they really might not care for trail cams! Lol! We set up one last food tray on the stump, set up a trail cam, and NOTHING! Nothing was taken or even touched. So, in conclusion, we finally got it through our heads that they really, really DON’T like trail cams! I guess I wouldn’t want a camera taking my picture every few seconds either while I’m eating. So, I don’t think we’re going to set up game cams anymore, not at the gifting sites anyway.

Next post….question whether the Sasquatch can set off a trail cam in a sneaky way. Some odd pics from a trail cam.

Until then, Keep on Search’n!

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