Did Bigfoot make these? Sticks and Glyphs

(Just a note: Please read our previous blogs so you have an idea of where we are, what we are doing in southern Wisconsin. Thanks!)

As usual, we were taking our walk down the trail with Bud, our Squatch’n dog in-training. Lol!

On this day we walked down to the same spot we usually stop at, I call it the “creepy woods”. It’s dark in there even in the daytime. Anyway, on our way back, Jim notices a glyph on the side of the path. He swears it wasn’t there on the way down. We decided to change it up a bit to see if anything would happen. Here’s pics of how we found it and how we left it. (Notice the pinecones…they were like that when we found it. The sticks were covering the pattern.)

We continued on our way home…nothing much happened. The next day we were eager to see if this glyph had changed any. Here’s the pic of what happened.

Sticks were knocked over and moved. Could a critter have done it? Of course! There does seem to be an added pinecone to the end of the “F”, but I can’t be absolutely sure of that. All our pics are close ups so it could have been there and I just didn’t capture it. So we decided to change it up again to see if something would happen. Here’s the pic.

Since we changed it up this last time, nothing changed with it. Oh well, maybe a hiker will see it one day and go “hmmmm”. 😀

We continued with our daily walks. We decided to go further down, through the “creepy woods” to check out the meadow and valley where we had heard the powerful yells last year. Our daughter actually did her first whoop there in which she received a whoop back! It was so cool! Spine tingling, but cool. The meadow had changed…the forestry had mowed it down a lot. It used to be full of long grass and flowers but what I call “creepy valley” was the same. (Notice a “creepy” pattern here, LOL!) Jim did a few calls, but none were returned. We decided to start back. Jim and Bud were a ways in front of me when I found this in the path. To me it looks like a backwards “4”. Could it have fallen naturally like that? If it did, Mother Nature has really good aim!

So that’s it for the glyphs we found while there. There could have been more but these two were the ones that were basically right in our face. Could a person/previous camper put these here? Sure they could have. I prefer to think it was Sasquatch. 😀

Here’s a few pics I took of older structures I found while wandering in the woods with Bud. I actually got lost while wandering and looking but I found my way out by gauging the sun. I guess some useful info does stick in this head of mine! 🙂

You Tube video I made of a leaner I found odd. No root or stump. Just leaning in tree!

Okay, that’s it for the glyphs and sticks! Wish it could have been more, but it is what it is. Next time: Was it Sasquatch eye glow or a simple firefly? Until then,

Keep on search’n!

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