Recording Bigfoot on audio…

One of the hardest things to do. If you happen to be one who has recorded a howl, a scream, a yell, chatter… congratulations! We envy you!

I’m sitting here listening to only a part of the 160 + hours of audio we recorded in our 7 days in southern Wisconsin. Nothing like sitting listening to frogs, frogs and more frogs, when this pops through the headphones! Lol!

Only 140 hours to go!

Gets your adrenaline going that’s for sure! (Hope the link worked!)

But I have heard some interesting and odd things in the hours I’ve been listening, only about 20 hours so far, that we believe aren’t the forest critters. I will try to upload those in future days but it all takes time…so much time! If I could only do this 24 hours a day, I’d be all set!

If you’re out camping, hiking, fishing or squatching, take a recorder with you and let it run. You might be one of the lucky ones who gets that recording that all of Bigfoot World is waiting to hear, and even if you don’t, the sounds of nature are fascinating! Oh, and if you are out searching for Sasquatch, take along a pen and notebook…so much easier to note time, weather conditions, the area ( location, terrain, and so on) for reference.

Well, back to our recordings…I may be a lucky one! (Btw…recording above is of a lone coyote). Till later,

Keep on search’n! 😁

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