Exactly who are the Squatch Searchers?

We are the Squatch Searchers……we live in Northern Minnesota.  We both have had sightings, experiences, vocals, here in Minnesota and Wisconsin.  We love nothing better than to go camping, along with Kaija, Miss Mouse, and Bud, and have experiences with the Sasquatch.  We are a laid back couple, non-invasive to the camping area.  We do our hikes, go canoeing, leave out gifts (chocolate chip cookies are a favorite in Wisconsin), I play my flute for them, we talk to them.  Normally, we just sit back, enjoy the area, and if they are around and want to let us know that they are, all the better!  We have had some pretty intense experiences this way!  Loved it!  We didn’t get any scientific “proof”, (but have to say we wouldn’t mind getting a picture), but what we have experienced is proof enough for us to know that they are real, as real as you and me. 

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