Beliefs in Bigfoot

I’ve noticed there are different groups of people/and beliefs where Sasquatch is concerned. There are the ones who “want” to believe. They don’t think they are real but deep down secretly hope they do. Then there’s the group who say they believe, but secretly don’t. It could be because they are from an area where BF is so mainstream, good for their areas economy, that they go along with the majority. There’s also the group who jumped on the good ole “bandwagon” of BF. Anything Bigfoot/Sasquatch related is so popular now that there are those willing to put out videos, movies, advertising, products, that are so absurd it’s nauseating. They do it just to make a buck, or get their faces seen..”Hey Ma! Look at me! I’m on tv!” Irritating. ( I had to rant a bit). Then, of course, there are the tried and true, never swaying, non-believers…which is fine. You don’t believe then don’t believe.

On the other side of the coin though you have the knowers. People who “know” that the Sasquatches are real. It may be because of their cultural beliefs or they know because they have seen one. Jim and I fall into this category and so do many other people we know. This group will never sway from their belief, no matter how much we are poked fun off, laughed at, even shunned in a way. You get a lot of crazy looks from people when you say you believe in Bigfoot. That used to bother me but not anymore. They just don’t know.

I read, a while back, an article where the author said that he gives the “Bigfoot Craze”, as he called it, maybe 10 years more and then Sasquatch will be long forgotten. All I have to say to that is, “Not so, my friend, not so.”

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