S.N.F. Camping update!

Well, we made it back from our camping trip to just a small portion of the Superior National Forest, here in Northern Minnesota! Despite all the nasty mosquitoes, biting black flies and horse flies (which we found a GREAT repellant called BUGG that worked wonders and kept them all at bay), we found a gorgeous, primitive, dispersed campsite (can you say free!) that was our base camp on our 7 day adventure….here’s some pics.

Since we audio and video recorded, along with our journal for all the days happenings, I will do several different blogs outlining the happenings that occurred or didn’t occur. Keep on eye out for them as I will be posting them during the next several days!

So for right now, I’m going to end this with some fun pics of our Kaija and Bud (and Jim), enjoying the cool waters!

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