First day (Monday) @ SNF

We arrived a little later than we had planned @ SNF, setting up base camp Monday afternoon. We did the usual things for setting up camp, unloading water, chairs, fire ring, all that basic stuff. This time we also brought along an old screen tent we had (glad we did!), so had to get that up too. Since we had Bud along, we also set up a doggy run between trees so he could run around without always having to be on a leash. Little did we know what strange occurrence would be happening with that dog run. (Hint for Tuesday blog!)

The weather was hot and humid. It proceeded to rain pretty good later in the day, enough to cool it down for the evening, thank goodness. We decided to get a food gifting tray ready to take out in the woods a few miles away…yes, far from us, far from any other humans. One bag contained a peanut butter and chocolate sandwich, one had two apples, and the third had five chocolate chip cookies. We’ve had success with chocolate chip cookies, but that’s another story. I put them all in their own separate zip lock baggies, just to see if someone or something could open the bags. We found a stump to put them on in an old clear cut logging field. We spoke to them and told them we hoped they’d enjoy the gifts. Back at base I had found a stump on the edge of camp where I set out a few gifts I’d thought they’d enjoy….a painted rock, and an amethyst stone. I told them they were for them if they wanted them. (Note: I forgot to set out a recorder @ food gifting site….I know, I know.)

We walked some trails along base camp, did some whoops and knocks to tell them we were there. We didn’t get any immediate responses. We did hear the loons on the lake calling, they had one little baby loon with them, family of three. Such beautiful sounds they make….loved listening to them. It had been a pretty long day so we decided to turn in. We said our goodnights, set up the recorder, and turned in. Don’t remember hearing anything unusual during the night but……..the next morning was very interesting.

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