Watch “Was Bigfoot playing with Bud’s doggy run?” on YouTube

Tuesday blog from SNF – (part one)

We put up Bud’s doggy run on Monday and clipped his tie out cable to the rv that night so that in the morning all we had to do is open the door, grab his cable, hook him up, and out he can go to potty. Only thing is, the next morning his cable wasn’t there! Now who, or what, unclipped his cable from the rv and put it clear across camp! Poor Jim had to go out at 5:00 in the morning, getting bit left and right from bugs, and walk Bud cause he really had to go! We still can’t figure this one out! Bud had been on his run all Monday evening, when we were there, until the time we decided to go to bed. Was someone or something watching Bud zoom back and forth on his run and wanted to try it out themselves? Checked the recorder, which was still running, and didn’t here anything, nothing. No critter, no person, just silence. (Did very faintly hear Jim and Kaija softly snoring tho. Lol!) If it was a person(s) during the middle of the night, I would assume we would have had them recorded…walking, talking, laughing at the ha ha joke they did, but there was nothing.

We don’t know. All we do know is that it was clipped to the rv when we went to bed….we didn’t move it. Strange.

So this is how our first morning started out at base camp, with us scratching our heads, and this is just the beginning of Tuesday’s adventures. Never know what’s going to happen when you go out Searching for Sasquatch!

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