Day 2 (Tuesday) @ SNF

As you know from reading the earlier Tuesday post about Bud’s tie out, we woke up to the beginning of an interesting day. It was a partly cloudy morning, sun peeking out, cool breeze blowing. Humidity had gone down. We went out to look for any prints around the base camp, but didn’t find a thing. So, no prints, no noise, no dogs barking in the night. Hmmmm, is all I can say. Anway, back to the days happenings.

Jim had left in the Jeep to go do what he does in the morning. I was alone, with the dogs and Miss Mouse. I decided to go sit outside and play my Native American flute for awhile. I sat down by the fire pit and proceeded to play. Time was about 7:55 a.m. I played for several minutes when I heard a “knock” at my 1:00 position, which would have been in the woods on the southside of base camp. Looked at my watch, time was 8:08 a.m. At 8:10 a.m. I did 3 tongue clacks. No response. I kept playing my flute, off and on until 9:00 a.m. I didn’t hear any more knocks or other responses.

At 12:08 we went to the food gifting site to check it out. Nothing was taken, but I did notice that the sandwich had been moved. It had been sitting next to the apples and now it was sitting at the edge of the stump. No tears in bag, sandwich did look like it had an indentation on it, none of the other bags were opened or torn. Looked for footprints, anything out of ordinary, none found. Did calls, no response. We decided to take the food and find a new site.

First food gifting area

We found a new food gifting site a few miles away, down a long unused forestry road. Thick brush, lots of trees, ravines, and lots of bugs! We found a spot about half way down the road. We set up the sandwich, cookies and apples (this time out of the bags) on a huge rock there. We set up a trail cam (across the road) from the gifts and also set up an audio recorder (with external mike) a little farther down the road, more at a ravine area. This area looked promising! Time was 4:35 p.m.

We headed back to base camp, time was around 5:00 p.m. when we arrived. I decided to change up my personal gifting stump. I added a pretty silver fringe pendant, 7 green and 2 pink plastic beads, 4 feathers ( red, blue, purple, and green) along with the amethyst stone and painted rock.

Sat outside for a while after supper, but even Deep Woods Off wasn’t keeping the bugs off us! We quickly set up the audio recorder in the screen tent for overnight recording, and Jim wanted to set up another trail cam to watch over the area. Basically spent the rest of the night in the rv and watched “Harry and the Henderson’s”. What a great way to end the day! 😀

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