Gifting @ SNF… (Wednesday)

So we did our food gifting throughout the days @ Superior National Forest, as well as me doing my own personal thing. In a nutshell, they weren’t interested….bummer. We decided to just give up on the food gifts, and I decided to move my personal site just one more time before I gave that up. We had three different food gift sites…the only one that anything was taken was the last one. Sandwiches were gone, along with the hot dogs, some cheese crackers. Game camera showed a skunk and crow had a good time feasting. You’re welcome. We did find a print but it was compromised because I stepped on it. I didn’t know it was there! I had the camera in my face, and it was raining so I was trying to keep the camera from getting wet, (legit excuses!), when Jim yelled at me to watch where I was walking…he had found a possible print right where I happened to be walking. Well….so much for that! Sorry is all I can say. It was such nasty weather….rain and bugs. We like to search for sasquatch but I will admit….if he’s out there in the rain and bugs we will never see him because it was nasty and I wanted no part of being in it.

This all happened in the morning. We checked the area as best we could for any other prints or signs, but to tell the truth we didn’t stay and look as long as we should have. The brush and trees in this area were so thick that it was hard to get in very far. The bugs were nasty (this was before we found BUGG) and I couldn’t take it. I refuse to be a meal to insects. Call me a wimpy squatcher, I don’t care. Lol!

Went back to base camp, checked recorders. Basically, I will say no Sasquatch yells, but a few things I did hear left us going “hmmmm”. What we heard on the recorders is for the next post….”Science vs Woo”.

At my personal gifting site I put out a little strawberry mold that a young friend gave me, a quartz crystal, a cat bell toy and 4 blue crystals. I also added the glyph at the bottom of the rock. When I checked it, one of the blue crystals was moved, the one at the top, but that was probably a little critter, or it just fell naturally.

So, wrapping up Wednesday, gifting wasn’t going well so we stopped doing it. We kept the recorders out all the time, in various places, and what we heard will be in our next blog, which I call “Science vs Woo”. Interesting, to say the least! Till then, keep on searching!

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