Science AND Woo (Thurs – Sun @ Superior National Forest)

You can find footprints, hear calls, see tree structures, find glyphs, hear knocks, see eye glow, but you can’t say, positively, that everything you have seen, or heard, was a Sasquatch or made by a Sasquatch. All you can do is document your findings, share with others in the community, discuss, and add to the huge pile of evidence that proves Sasquatch exists. On the other hand, you can also hear and see things that are very hard to explain. What some call “Woo”. I dislike that word. To me it’s derogatory. What I’m trying to say is that you do have to question everything but you also have to, I repeat, have to, keep an open mind to all possibilities. Possibilities that are far beyond we humans limited knowledge base. I don’t care who you are, what you do, how much education or experience you have, you do not know everything! None of us do! Keep your mind open, but also question everything.

Like I mentioned before in my previous blog, we had stopped gifting food and different items. We did keep the recorders out, at various places around the area. We eventually, during the last few days, kept the recorders mainly around base camp as we didn’t get anything interesting recorded at the other areas. When we did that, we did get a few, head scratching things, recorded. Now this is where some people would call it “woo-ey”. Of course we had to question what we recorded but we still can’t find any “logical” explanation for them. I tried to download the sounds here but being technically challenged, it just didn’t work. We still have them though on our recorder’s sd cards. So, you will have to just believe, or not, what I’m going to tell you. If not, that’s just fine. You won’t be the first. Doesn’t hurt my feelings because I was there, I know what I experienced, and you weren’t. Here’s what we heard on the recorder:

  1. My voice on the recorder saying “testing”. Now this recorder was down by the lake on a stump. The word was spoken during the wee morning hours. I was no where near the recorder. I was in the rv, still asleep. Now whenever we put out a recorder, I would always check the batteries, and say “testing, 1, 2, 3, testing”. Could this have been a mimic? All I can be sure of is that it sounds like my voice but it sure the heck wasn’t me!

2) Different recorder, different night, recorded during overnight hours. We were asleep. Voice on the recorder saying “Insult”. Now this one didn’t sound like my voice and I don’t recall saying the word at anytime during our stay. I clearly hear “insult”. So now my mind starts going into overdrive and I’m wondering if someone or something is trying to tell us they’ve been insulted. Like before, it wasn’t me, it wasn’t Jim, it wasn’t any other person wandering into camp and whispering into the recorder ( we would have heard evidence of them driving up, or walking up, which we didn’t). So this leaves me scratching my head again.

3) Drumming. Yes, you read it right, Jim and I both listened to a recording that has faint drumming on it. The “drumming” happened twice, 5 minutes apart, lasting for approximately 5 -7 seconds. It’s faint but clearly audible, with varying notes, sounds just like someone playing bongos. Seriously, like bongos. Some people have stated that it could be grouse…no, sounds nothing like a grouse. A grouse sounds like airplane propellers starting up….this sounds like bongos! Various notes! Others stated it could be other campers around. No again…we were dispersed camping, miles and miles away from any other campers. We check for others in the area so we can rule out noises that could be from them. So, can’t explain that one either!

4) Now this one I heard with my own two ears. Jim was out fishing down on the lake. I was up sitting by the rv watching him, just relaxing. I distinctly heard him say “Ooo”, twice, about 10 seconds apart. I thought he had missed catching the big one. I asked him about it when he came up from fishing and he looked at me strangely and said he didn’t even come close to catching anything, and did NOT utter anything. I know I heard him, it was his voice, but he says it wasn’t him. Oh my, here we go again! If it wasn’t Jim, who or what was it? It was loud enough for me to hear but not real loud, it was like I’d expect Jim’s voice to sound like considering the distance between us. No, it wasn’t an owl. By this time, I’m really starting to think I might be going a tad nuts.

5) This is something we saw while sitting out in the screen tent one night. Nice evening, just chill’n when we both saw a large, white, “orb” up near the top of one of the pine trees. Best way I can describe it. It looked like an orb of light. No, it wasn’t the moon, no it wasn’t stars, we checked. Remember, question everything! It didn’t blink, didn’t move, just sat there for a few seconds then it disappeared. Didn’t happen again anywhere else. What was it? We don’t know. It happened. It was there. No, we were not drinking or hallucinating.

I also heard whistles, knocks, while alone at base camp. Jim also heard faint knocks, something like someone talking very faintly (which I did too), BUT…..on Sunday, while I was changing batteries in the recorders, we both heard a long, loud “woooooooooo”. Critter? Maybe. We don’t think so. We didn’t get it recorded because, of course, I was changing out batteries (dang it!) Can’t add that one to the “scientific” pile of evidence but it would have been a good one! We broke camp the next morning to head home. Maybe, just maybe, on Sunday night, they were saying, “Yes, we are here. Thanks for coming! Bye!” I like to think so.

All in all, it was a great trip! Superior National Forest is just beautiful! We didn’t collect any “scientific” evidence, just some “woo” evidence, which to some is no evidence at all. To me, it is evidence…evidence that there is more going on out there than we realize. Just remember, question everything and keep your mind open.

Until later, Keep on Searching for Sasquatch! 😀

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