Dear Sasquatch

I am on a journey. A journey that both intrigues me and terrifies me.

It started a few years back when I was curious about who or what you are. This journey in discovery was going to be fun and exciting! I thought finding your footprint, hearing your knocks, or your howl, perhaps even seeing you, would be all I needed to know about you and who you are. I’d have answers! I feel so silly about that now. How very naïve of me. My journey has led me to ask so many more questions. So many, many more questions. Some were answered, in a way, through others who are also on this journey. Some were answered by you, through the little things that you showed me….things that I’ve seen or heard or touched. There are also the other things, strange things, that my eyes saw, my ears heard, but my mind still tries to deny. I have to ask, were these you?

I know my heart and mind have been opened wider to you because of what I have learned and experienced through these years. Maybe you, yourself, have opened them, little by little. The farther I go on this journey, the more my mind gets confused. Be patient with me, help me to learn, help me to find my answers. Dear Sasquatch, know that my journey with you will continue.

Always, Carol

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