Off to Wisconsin!

We are heading out in a couple days on our second, week long, camping trip in search for Sasquatch! We love this place in southern Wisconsin. I had my sighting here and we’ve also had gifting done to us as well as awesome vocals!

You know, I’d love to do this year round but to tell the truth, it can be expensive. Jim is retired but I still have a few years to go. We plan these trips around my work schedule. Come September, it’s pretty limited. We haven’t found a good place locally, but that is something we are definitely looking into! Weekend squatch’n! If any of you out there are willing to share a known bigfoot area around us, please let us know! We live in Carlton County, Mn and would love to explore it. 😊

Anyways, looking forward to our Wisconsin trip and hopefully, fingers crossed, some awesome interaction!

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