Back from Searching for Sasquatch in Wisconsin!

Hey everyone! We’re back from our week long search for Sasquatch in southern Wisconsin! Weve been home for week but there’s so many pics, recordings, trail cam photos, etc. that I have to go through, it’s taken a bit to get organized! (I’m still going through the hours of audio!)

While we didn’t see Bigfoot, (bummer), we did have a lot of interesting happenings that went on!

I’m going to separate our trip into different category blog pages, such as food gifting, trinket gifting, glyphs, sounds captured, possible eye glow, gifts we received, odd things that didn’t make sense (when does Sasquatch ever make sense!) Lol!

The first night we got to our destination, we didn’t get the campsite we wanted, did though the following day. Anyway, while at our first camping area, we set up as usual. Pretty camp spot, river at the back of it but it was down a pretty steep ravine. I could get down part of it but it was a bugger getting back up again! I decided it was better for this old squatcher to just stay at the campsite. We set up Bud’s zip line for his tie-out. Put up the table for the gifting, only doing a few food items for the night. Jim put up the trail cam and since we had a long day of traveling, we decided to turn in early.

Nothing much happened during the night, EXCEPT one sound that woke me up….Bud’s tie out was making that zippy sound it does when he pulls it along the cable. Bud wasn’t on the tie out, he was inside sleeping! Now my window is always open in the rv, and it was close to the cable and tie out. It was loud enough to wake me up from my slumber. I haven’t listened to the audio recording of that night yet, but I’ll get there! Pics on the trail cam show Bud’s tie out moving ever so slightly, but nothing else. I know I heard it…but did I really hear it? I’m sure it will be/won’t be, on the audio recorder.

No other interesting things showing up in trail cam pics that I can see. None of the food was taken overnight. Came time to move to our favorite campsite and so off we went (All the pics)! This is the campsite where I saw my Sasquatch 3 years ago, and where we heard their loud, powerful yells just last year! Love that place!

Trees in background are at least 400 yards away! ***** Date is wrong! Forgot to set it on the bino’s! ******

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