Bigfoot setting off trail cam?

So as you know from my earlier post, Sasquatch apparently doesn’t like to be filmed while eating…I don’t blame them. This post is going to be about an odd item being captured during one of the nights we had the cam directed at the food gifting tree. Please note the time stamp (military time) between the photos. I am also including a pic from the cam showing the area photographed during the daylight hours to give perpective. Nice night, no wind. So here we go!

Okay, so here’s the thing. What is that stick like object up in the upper left hand corner? Within a span of three minutes it moves up and back down in the different frames. You can see the fire in the background which could be setting off the camera but this stick could be also. It’s in front the leaf branch, not part of it, or any other branch, so ??????? It also is not visible in the first two pics, daylight ones.

I just find this curious. Jim has heard a theory that Sasquatch could set off a camera with an object, such as a rock thrown, just to see if there is any infrared cams around, thus avoiding them.

We don’t know. Hopefully you can see the “stick” moving up and down. It’s placement in pics just seems odd to us. Like I said, no wind that night and other pics just don’t place anything in that position. Could be nothing, but I wanted to share it anyway. Btw…have no idea what the circles are, could be glare. Dew? Who knows. Let us know what you think….till then,

Keep on Search’n!

Next up….my trinket gifting and what happens. ๐Ÿ˜€

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