Lights, Camera, Bigfoot Action?

This is concerning possible eye glow activity we had while camping in southern Wisconsin this August, 2019.

I’m going to post a few pictures concerning some lights we saw while looking at the photos that our trail cam took. Now this trail cam was set up in the middle of our camping area. It’s a huge campsite…just amazing!

Our campsite!

We put the trail cam up on a step ladder we brought along, and faced it to take pics of the longer grassy areas. (Please note: not the same area as the picture above.) We were hoping to catch a few photos of the deer in the area (never did). We did see deer in the area but we just weren’t able to get pics of them. Like I said, we put up the cam and set it to take photos of the areas at the edge of the long grass.

As we were going through them, (our cam shows the photos on the unit itself), we spotted these two pics that stood out from the rest…..

Do you the light at the left of the taller bush in the first pic? The light has moved to the right of the bush in the second pic. There’s also a light in the second pic way off to the left. We know for a fact that it’s not stars or the planets ( Jupiter was gorgeous while we were there), or a deer. I will show you why it’s not a deer in a bit. That leaves either a firefly or something that has eye glow. Dare I say it! Sasquatch! Here’s some pics as to why it’s not a deer.

Yes, that’s a pile of corn in the foreground. We wanted to feed the deer…nothing took it anyway. Now if it was a deer, that deer would have stood 7 1/2 to 8 feet tall. Big deer! So that once again leaves firefly or Sasquatch. Here’s what else we found while investigating the area.

It’s a trail….a trail that no human would possibly want to make or travel on. It was right behind and going off to the right of the large bush. Why the trail? It’s nothing but those sticky, pokey, thorny thistle bushes! I crawled in to take what pics I could while Jim tried to hold the thistles to the side. They still got me. Nasty! I hate thistles but the birds love them so I guess they can stay. Would deer or other critters go through thistles? I guess they could, but why? I don’t know what other critters would eat thistles or even what critters would live in thistle bushes. Good protection I guess. I don’t know. Something made the path, that’s all we do know.

So back to the question of firefly or something else…perhaps glow from a thistle even. We, at first, thought eye glow. Then looking more into it, we thought firefly as there were a few, not a lot of them at all, flying around on some nights. Then there’s the question of why the paths behind and through all the thistle bushes. Crazy critters? We don’t know…what do you all think?

Next up…general thoughts about our trip and fun pics in what I will title “Did the Sasquatch remember us?” Till then,

Keep on search’n! πŸ˜€

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