Audio…what is that?

I’m still listening to audio from our southern Wisconsin trip, but between work and home I’m falling behind. Sorry about that. I want to post some audio clips but I’m still trying to load onto Soundcloud and clip them so you don’t have to listen to a 12 hour recording. Bear with me. I’m not the most tech savvy person in the world but I’m trying.

I can tell you what we have on audio and what I personally have heard. We tried to keep recorders going 24/7 but, for whatever reason, things go awry at times. We do have on audio…branch breaks, coyote, birds, frogs, turkey’s, owls, pebbles thrown and rolling, and most interesting…a word spoken that I don’t understand, faint talking, wood knocks, monotone whistling, four loud gruffs (that wasn’t recorded 😡) and something walking quickly up to our recorder we left out overnight. That last one was strange.

The walking was minutes before I retrieved the recorder and then, on my way back up the trail, I found the rock on the trail that I know for a fact wasn’t there before.

Jim doesn’t experience the same things I do. I do hear things that others would call crazy. I’ve heard a few things on other camping trips. I’ll tell you one thing, I’ve told Jim this too, I will swear to the things I’ve heard and I will swear to it on my deathbed.

Such is my life while squatch’n.

Questions, questions! They just lead to more questions! I’ll tell you one thing….it’s nothing like what you’d see on Finding Bigfoot! Not for me anyway!

I encourage you all to get out there, take a recorder, more than one if you can, and record 24/7. Take notice of your area so you can note changes, even subtle ones. Keep notes of time, temperature, weather conditions, terrain, trees around you (do they have seeds or acorns that can drop), local birds and critters, did you have a fire or not, lanterns (headlamps), campsites or houses nearby…what I’m trying to say is keep note of everything. Might be tedious but it works to eliminating a lot of what you may hear. Be aware.

Till next time,

Keep on Search’n! 😀

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