More to Sasquatch than wood knocks and howls….

Jim and I started off doing the thing of expeditions, wood knocks, howls, tramping through the woods at night, hoping to hear any response back from what we were doing. We still do. There’s nothing better to get your heart beating faster than to hear a knock back, or a howl, or to hear something that you just don’t know how to explain. Love it! But….there is also another side to Sasquatch that goes further than that (in my opinion).

How do you explain figures that you see that are not solid and have a yellowish glow around them. How do you explain hearing the words “Hel-lo” in your ear as you are getting ready for bed. How do you explain hearing a loud “huff” behind you and you turn to see that there’s nothing there. How do you explain taps on your window, at night, in a rhythmic pattern, and there is no one out there that you can see. How do you explain thing that are thrown at your window and waking you up from a dead sleep. How do you explain hearing something call your husband’s name and there’s nobody else around. How do you explain hearing yourself speaking words on a recording during the time when you yourself were sound asleep. How do you explain hearing “bongo” drumming coming from the woods when you’re camping far from anyone. How do you explain the glyphs left on a path that you just previously came down and now going back up. How do you explain the animal skeletons, bones that were placed by or in a crook of a tree, at our campsite, that weren’t there the night before. How do you explain the rock tossing at my feet. How do you explain our dog’s tie out run being unhooked from our rv and coiled on the ground 20 feet away. How do you explain a white orb hovering above a tree (no it wasn’t the moon). How do you explain hearing muffled “voices” coming from the woods, or hearing unknown “words” on your recorder. How do you explain the sensation of “electricity” traveling from your head and down to your toes, when all you are doing is just sitting out and relaxing. Many other “odd” things have happened also, so that now I really don’t question it any more.

How would YOU explain it. Are you thinking I’m crazy? Are you thinking I’m making it up? Perhaps you do.

I’m NOT crazy or delusional. I’m NOT making it up. It’s happened. Some of it to both of us, some just to me. I haven’t talked about it much, kept it to myself mainly except for a few people I trust. I just didn’t want to see the eye rolls or hear the “yeah, right” comments behind my back. Why am I posting all this now for whoever out there wants to read it? Because soon, we will be going back out there to search for Sasquatch, and whatever happens, I want and will post it…strange as it may be. I’ve finally overcome my fear of what other people think or say about me. My experiences are just that…MY experiences! Like Ripley said, “Believe it or not”. So, in ending this little blog, there IS more to Sasquatch than you may think. Do I think these occurrences I mentioned above were from Sasquatch? Yes I do!

Keep on Search’n everyone! ( Here’s to new experiences!)

P.S. Here’s a pic of the figures I saw that I drew after I saw them. The other pic is just a pic I saw on the internet that kind of represents the glowing and transparency.

Figures I saw

Yellow glow comparison that my figures had (from the internet)

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