To start with, this is my own personal opinion, okay. Secondly, Jim and I belong to various Sasquatch sites just to keep updated on new happenings and news. Thirdly, this is where I need to vent. I’ve always tried to keep an open mind where Sasquatch is concerned. I will NOT discount anyone’s experience, recordings of Sasquatch. I will not pick apart any of their story to fit my belief. Their story may or may not be true but I don’t have the right to say “You’re wrong!”. Why? Because of my own experiences. Unless I was there, I can’t and won’t, discount anyone elses experiences. I see “clicks” forming on certain sites and open minds are falling away. Bothers me. I find myself keeping more and more, concerning Sasquatch, to myself, because of this. I hate it! We are supposed to learn from each other but as soon as one “clickey expert” disagrees with something, oh my, better follow suit! So, rant is over, and I think I will only share my experiences and my beliefs about Sasquatch here. Thanks for the ear…”keep on search’n”! ……Carol

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