squatch’n in 2021

Happy “End of 2020” and Happy New Year! 2021 here we come!

I’m holding out hope that the coming new year will find us healthier, happier, and doing again the things we love to do…..squatch’n for one! We are planning on it, either by ourselves or in a group. I can’t wait! I think we have watched every single film, tv show, you tube channel, documentary about Sasquatch, more than once, and I have to say, except for a few, they’ve been very disappointing. I’ve been reading more about the topic also, which I guess is a good thing, but nothing can replace being out there, hoping for an encounter.

We did manage to go camp at one of our favorite areas this past August, when the area was deemed safe to finally open up for camping. I don’t think we’ll be going back there this coming year tho….too many humans around. 😦 Guess everyone, including us, were eager to get back to nature. We also joined a group of squatch’n friends for a camping trip this past September. A few interesting things happened on both trips that I will post below. Other than that, we’ve been sitting tight at home just waiting on the time when we can safely go squatch’n again. 😀

Now for a few highlights from our two trips!

August 2020 – Somewhere in Wisconsin:

(I will briefly go through some interesting happenings, not going into too much detail)

As usual, we always put out at least two recorders, recording 24/7. The recorders picked up knocks, loud “clap” sounds, whistles, “tinging” noises, coyotes, stick breaks, cracking noises, and then there were the voices….yes, I said voices…(“Kay-ron”, “Mar-ray”, “wooman”, “ow”, “meow meow”, “quit smoking”, “deck” and a woman singing four notes (beautiful voice). Then there’s…..

Bud’s ball squeaking in the middle of the night (it was outside, we all were inside sleeping). It was picked up on recorder farthest away, but not on the recorder closest to it. Ball was found in the morning on the ground under the treats. On the matter of things being moved… Bud’s frisbee, that we couldn’t find the previous evening, being found the next morning laying conveniently on his tie out cable. Couldn’t have missed seeing it if we tried. My little Bigfoot table set out for them in the evening and in the morning only one thing disturbed on it…the little bigfoot doll was laying on the ground (No wind). There were also smudges on our Jeep that could or maybe not, be something. Don’t know.

Here’s some pictures:

September 2020Also somewhere in Wisconsin

We joined a group of squatch’n friends to see/hear/experience what the area had to offer. Sorry to say I couldn’t do much as my back, Jim’s too, decided to give us some problems (not fun), but we did manage to go on a couple of night sits for a bit. Most of time tho was spent at the campsite. We did capture on recorder some knocks, from a night sit spot, but not much else. Our campsite was bombarded by acorns so any audio there was kind of hard to make out. While heading to our campsite, Jim did see, through the rear view mirror of the rv, a dark figure moving very quickly across the small forest road we were on. He still doesn’t believe it was a runner (human) but he’s not 100 percent on that. The area was void of any human activity. I experienced three blue orb-type lights while sitting outside the rv one night. They were a beautiful turquoise blue. Each in a different area of the woods I was looking at. Others in the group experienced different things, but that’s for them to share.

So that’s about it my friends. We got to experience the beauty of nature, some unusual happenings and sounds, and even tho we weren’t able to do more this year, we still had fun out squatch’n and even here at home. Here’s a few pics from the homefront.

Here’s to a GREAT New Year! Let’s make it the healthiest and best year ever!

As ever….Keep on Search’n! Take care friends! …….. Carol

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