Getting ready!

Thank goodness for the warm weather, the Covid bans being lifted…..We are ready to search for Sasquatch!

Miss Winnie (our rv) has had her check up, she’s good to go! We have a couple places already planned in our calendar that we are attending but other than that, we are just going to wherever the search takes us! Boondocking here we come!

Sadly we lost part of our team, Miss Kaija passed away on April 21st of this year. She was the best squatch’n dog ever…she’ll be with us in spirit, I have no doubt. Love and miss you Kai Kai. ❤

So soon the Squatch Searchers will be their way… Jim, Mr. Bud, Miss Mouse, and me. Excited, excited, excited!

Like I’ve said before, we don’t go out to find proof of Sasquatch…people would just nitpick it apart even if we had it. We go out for the experience we could have, and if nothing happens, well hey, we would still have a great time out in nature. I love it.

So…everyone have a great summer, stay healthy, stay safe!

As always, “Keep on search’n!”

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