Minnesota North Country…here we come!

UPDATE: Its a bummer but going up north didn’t happen, for now. Life got in the way and we have issues that need to be dealt with. Ugh…..best laid plans are subject to what the universe wants. I believe the universe has a reason for everything that happens in your life. It just wasn’t the right time.

Both Jim and I are itch’n to get out there and boondock! We have a few things to take of first (isn’t there always), but then off to the Northern regions of Minnesota we go! I have a good feeling that this summer is going to be simply awesome! Sorry I can’t tell you where or when we are going, but you all know the reason why. 😊

I have a good feeling that in our search for Sasquatch this summer, it will be what we are searching for. Not proof to share with the world but proof to add to our own new personal experiences. I have to expand on that just a bit. If we find footprints (of course we will cast them), or document anything “physical”. I’d love to find a print or record a howl but the way the bigfoot community is now, I’ll just say it, it sucks! So many hating on each other!

I’m not being cynical, I just don’t want the drama.

So, if things happen, I’ll share here, whatever it may be! If you’ve read our other blog posts you know some strange things do occur! 😁

Till later…”Keep on search’n!”

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