The End of Another Year…Our Search Will Continue with Petunia, the Polka-dotted Pig

Well folks, 2021 is coming to an end. I sit here typing this at 4:03 p.m., December 31st.

2021 didn’t go exactly as we had planned. We got out search’n only twice this year!!! One was a group expedition in southern Minnesota and the other was just us out camping in Wisconsin. We wanted to get up to Superior National Forest but the location we wanted to explore was consumed by a wildfire! Hoping to get up there in 2022 to see how it is. So sad.

Miss Winnie, our rv, decided she needed some tlc and spent a lot of the summer and fall at the repair shop. She’s feeling a whole lot better now so hopefully (knock on wood) we will be out search’n a lot more in 2022!!!!

Our trip down to southern Minnesota brought us to some beautiful country…and I will say a little squatchyness too! It was a trip with a group of like minded individuals. Same trip where we recorded the strange yell that I had put in a previous post (Audio…Coyotes? Squatch? Another Squatcher?). We recorded noises at our camp site that we couldn’t identify, and found the recorder one morning had been moved from the top of the picnic table and placed right side up on the ground. We also heard many strange things while on a night sit. 3 “hoo, hoo, hoo”‘s that were definitely not an owl. There was a response to Jim’s whoop…a branch breaking and falling, a knock. I also heard something walking in the trees behind me, and it wasn’t a member of the group. I really can’t say too much about the area or what happened there as it was ‘one of those expeditions’ that is organized by a certain well known bigfoot group. ;D It is a beautiful area and we hope to go back again in the future!

Our Wisconsin trip was something else! Besides being kept inside a lot of the time because of the nasty mosquitoes, we had one of the nastiest and scariest thunderstorms I have ever experienced! Mouse hid, Bud and I were wide awake holding on to each other, shaking from fear, and Jim, well Jim slept through the whole thing! I hope to never experience a storm like that ever again! Putting away the negatives, we recorded some pretty interesting sounds over the nights we were there. I still won’t say where we were in Wisconsin as other researchers or groups may still go there for their own research. We usually camp at a specific site every time we go there but we changed it up this year. It was okay but the area has become very popular with other campers, hikers, ect. It’s not as quiet as it used to be. We did record a few howls, not coyotes, but being that the area had other campers in it, we can’t say it wasn’t them doing their own calls. The sites where you can camp are quite far from each other, but at night, sound will travel even if the source was miles away.

We put out gifts on a large stump that was conveniently placed in the middle of our camping area. I had decorated it with solar lights that twinkled overnight, we placed a couple of toys on the top of it. One was a large pink pig that had a loud ‘oinky’ noise when squeezed. We would let Bud play with it and then before we went in for the night, we’d place it on the stump and give it a few good squeezes, just in case anyone was watching. We also placed the recorder on the stump too. Now this is the interesting part. While listening the next morning to the recordings of the previous night, guess what we heard? If you guessed ‘oinky’ sounds, you are a winner! Now it was either a person walking into our camp, saw the orange, polka dotted pig and couldn’t resist squeezing it, OR………Sasquatch? We heard no other noises like traffic, people talking or laughing, raccoons chattering, or scampering noises running away. Just oinking. Cool. Same ‘oink’ sounds continued over the next few nights on the recorder, along with taps on the recorder, huffing noises, voice-like words (?), plenty of odd and unusual sounds recorded close to recorder,and even though the game camera was set to capture a video of anything by the stump or rv, it never did. Needless to say, we had a most interesting trip!

Well, that’s it for our year of 2021 “Search’n for Sasquatch”! No answers, just more questions. Isn’t that the way it goes!


As always, “Keep on Search’n!”……Carol

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