Well folks, our plans for a Squatch’n year haven’t panned out too well.

Our “Winnie” needed some more work done, she had leaking vital fluid from somewhere. It seems no one could find where the leak originated from, but finally it was discovered and she was repaired. Hooray! On the flip side, we weren’t able to attend the BFRO expedition we signed up for.

We decided to sign up for a second expedition but then, sadly, my sister passed away unexpectedly. Dealing with her estate and her Celebration of Life, we just couldn’t do the second expedition either.

Hopefully, after everything is done, we plan to go on our own expedition in September, somewhere closer to home. Cross your fingers and toes and wish us squatch’n luck because with gas prices the way they are now, we’ll probably get 10 miles! 😳😆

I strongly believe that the Universe lays out its plans for us all, and going squatch’n when we planned, just wasn’t it.

We will have to see what the Universe has in store for us next, but hopefully some Searching for Sasquatch will be a part of it. 😁

Till next time, “Keep on Search’n!” Carol

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