Sasquatch like snow?

It’s March of 2023 already…where did the time go?

Well, we’ve been busy watching and digging out from the snow that we’ve gotten. It just keeps coming! It was pretty at first but now I’m starting to hate the stuff! I know, I know, I say that every year and no, I won’t move out of Minnesota…been here for 64 years. I feel I have earned the right to complain about my state. LOL! I just hope we don’t get flooded over too much this Spring whenever it does decide to melt. We will probably still have snow on the ground till June the way its going (we live in south of Lake Superior). I want to plant flowers, not shovel endless snow! Okay, rant done….on to Sasquatch news!

Jim has talked to some people who have spotted the big guy in areas near our town! We went out to look over the areas and planned further trips but then, guess what? Snow! And more snow! And more snow! Right now we can’t even get into the areas to investigate further because of snow totals. Did I mention that I’m starting to hate the snow? Anyway, two people had physical sightings (drive-bys) and one had unexplained audio plus fingerprints on their vehicle while camping! This all happened last year. We’re planning on getting out there again when the snow disappears…whenever that happens. Lol! Whatever will be, will be. Time will tell.

Okay, so now the rant about snow is really over. I am so very thankful that I don’t live where the snow could have buried our house. We’ve been safe and warm, so with that thought….

YOU all stay safe, keep warm, and most importantly “Keep on Search’n”!


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