Sasquatch likes predictability! 😊

If you have read our bio and how we like to search for Sasquatch, you know we don’t go far from base camp. We habituate, in a way, for the time we are there. It wasn’t any different on this trip to southern Wisconsin. We walked the same pathways, tried to gift at same times, sit outside at same times, turned in for the night at the same time…. everything we did repeatedly was for a reason….for Sasquatch to get used to us. We wanted to be predictable. Other people out there do their searches differently, which is great, but for us this works!

Take for example our walks. We usually walked the same trail everyday to see what we could see, but one morning I walked down by myself to retrieve a recorder that Jim had put out. Now this broke our pattern. I have to admit, I did feel a little creeped out being by myself, but I kept talking to them out loud (and to any critters who might have been around). I wanted everyone and everything to know that I was there! Lol! I retrieved the recorder, which in itself has a strange story…the recorder had stopped recording but wasn’t turned off, more like it was paused. Battery power was still good. Odd. I started walking, looked down at recorder, and it had started recording again! What the heck! ( I really didn’t say heck) You can hear me on the recorder confused as all get out. I know for a fact that there was no way I could have hit any buttons because I was very aware of the way I carried it. Well, after trying to figure out that one, which I still haven’t, I started hearing the snaps and cracks from the woods. I start talking a little louder and walking a little faster, trying to avoid eye contact with anything in the woods on the side of me. I’m a non-confrontational person. I walked on a little farther, when right in the middle of the path is a rock. Not a little rock. Not a rock that was there on my way down. Where did the rock come from? I believe it was a gift…it was left for me. I love rocks. I collect rocks. I truly believe they left it for me. I felt better. I thanked them for the gift and continued on my way. I couldn’t wait to show Jim my gift. Now back to predictability.

As I stated before I got off on the subject of my rock, we believe Sasquatch wants and likes predictability, especially with something/someone new in their territory. Easier for them to check out who we are and what we may be up to. Towards the 4th day at base camp, after doing my routines, letting the dogs out, sitting down with my coffee, saying good morning to nature, I actually started hearing whistles. Two whistles… monotone whistles, not bird whistles. I started hearing woooo’s…. I even heard four loud vocals (like a deep voiced man trying to clear his throat from something that was stuck in it). What’s odd is that they seemed to be aimed at me. Jim was never around when it happened. He was either gone with the Jeep, or inside the rv.

Were they letting us know they were around and watching us? In my opinion, and by the feeling I got through all of this, yes they were. Just like at SNF, they finally started to let us know they were there. So cool. Believe me or not, like I’ve said before, it doesn’t matter. I know. So if you’re out and about searching for Sasquatch, try being more predictable….you may be surprised. 🙂

Next time…pics of glyphs and structures we found. Till then,

Keep on search’n!

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